If you are looking to increase the size of your home, then we can cater for your needs. House extensions are growing in popularity as more and more home owners decide to extend their homes rather than sell and buy a bigger property. Extending your home saves you money as you don't have to pay solicitor fees, stamp duties, moving costs, deposits on new services or unsettle your family routine.

Building an extension can give you the extra space or bedroom you need, bring natural light into your work area and give you the rooms you always wanted, But if its not done right it can be costly which is why Chris O' Donovan Construction is the company for you. Our aims are to complete building work on time and within budget, using high quality materials and workmanship.

We have build all types of extensions that have met our clients requirements. From a small kitchen extension to a large multi storey extension, we have the resources and construction team to build it. We can arrange everything from planning drawings to the final decoration with experienced local tradesmen carrying out all the work.

Chris O' Donovan Construction are specialists in this area and can help you to enhance your living space in your family home and to make the best use of the light and space available to you.  Our team will minimise disruption to your family and deliver a fantastic final product.  We can advise on construction method, materials that could be used and ways to ensure that this new space works seamlessly into the way you want to live in your home.